Greetings, my name is Maria. I live my life MINDFULLY.
This lifestyle has helped me in many beautiful ways, and I want to share what I’ve learned, open a thoughtful dialogue, and contribute to a more mindful world.

If you’re reading this with hopes of gaining some new tools for your wellness toolbag, building a stronger sense of self, and learning how to be more present… you are right where you need to be.

Thank you for being here!

Mindful Seasons

Seasonal Mindfulness is one of my favorite mindful discoveries right now, mostly because it was a recent discovery that blew my mind and opened up a whole other level of Mindfulness for me!


I happened to be in the middle of a massage with one of my favorite humans Felicia, massage therapist and owner of local holistic healing house Ruby Sun. If you happen to be in the Las Cruces area, you have to stop in and see this beautiful space, both physically and energetically. A real gem! 


I’m one of those chatty people who talk during any massage (I know, it’s awful). During our chat, I was telling Felicia all about my fatigue, lethargy, and overall sluggishness, and that’s when she said, “well, it’s Winter, and everything has a natural cycle, including you.” BOOM! My mind is blown! I’m never the same again. The rest of the massage was a blur; we talked about Winter’s effects on nature, the weather, and wildlife. It had never occurred to me that we humans, especially in western civilization, like to think we exist separately from our precious planet. It may sound obvious, but we SO do not.

winter & you

I think the best place to start is by exploring why Winter happens. Winter occurs differently depending on where you are on this planet, but the gist is the earth’s naturally tilted axis leads us to a time of year where this tilt happens to tilt us away from the sun. 

This change causes the temperature to drop and weather to become harsh, bringing on shorter days and longer nights. It begins migration and hibernation for many creatures. Nature dries, wilts, and dies during this time. Seasonal depression occurs for a lot of folks simply due to the lack of sunshine! Winter in the Northern Hemisphere started December 21st and will end March 20th, which means we are not even halfway through this season and there is plenty of winter to come.

Now that we’ve established that Winter indeed has an intense energy that affects all the things around us, how does it affect you? 

Well, let’s look around; this is the season for release, deep rest, grounding and rooting down, inner work, and slow and intentional transformation.

  •  Are you resting more deeply? It might be really easy to sleep in right now!
  • Is there something weighing you down? Maybe something to let go of?
  • You could be moving slower than usual, procrastinating more often, or having a hard time seeing through the fog.

These are just a few examples of what you may be experiencing throughout the season. Take time to reflect on this! 

Winter Mindfulness

Are you convinced? Mindblown? Perhaps you are considering that you feel the effects of this natural life cycle that is our current cold season?

Wherever you find yourself, here are some ways to practice Mindfulness 

  • Notice how you are feeling. It might be helpful to give yourself a daily check-in emotionally, mentally, physically.
  • Go outside/Get some sunlight. Even if you stand by a window and gaze outward, that counts!
  • Mindfully eat and drink. This time of year invites warm and filling goodies. Be present while you consume.
  • Bundle up. You are probably wearing cozy socks or a nice warm sweater right now. Give yourself a moment to feel its comfort.
  • Take your time (maybe my favorite one for this season), go easy on yourself, lessen expectations, allow yourself to slow down and pause.

Whether you decide on trying one or all of these tips, I hope you remember to show yourself patience, kindness, and a lot of love this Winter. 



stay mindful,
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