Greetings, my name is Maria. I live my life MINDFULLY.

This lifestyle has helped me in many beautiful ways, and I want to share what I’ve learned, open a thoughtful dialogue, and contribute to a more mindful world.

If you’re reading this with hopes of gaining some new tools for your wellness toolbag, building a stronger sense of self, and learning how to be more present… you are right where you need to be.

Thank you for being here!

What is mindfulness?

Ok, there are countless ways, countless people explain this but my favorite (and the easiest) way to think of it is this – being present. Yes, That’s really it!

Here is the actual definition of mindfulness to clear things up —>

IMO, the most important understanding of mindfulness is that YOU can decide what these words mean to you and what a mindfulness practice will look like in YOUR LIFE. 

How can YOU become more conscious or aware of the things in your day to day? What can you do to focus on the present moment? I mean… you can’t expect to focus on EVERY moment. So which do you give your attention to? When should you practice mindfulness? How?

These are all great questions!

There is no one answer, so please allow me to be your guide.

How to get started

“Start Where You Are” is my mindfulness mantra!

When you ask, “Maria, how do I live more mindfully?”, my answer will always annoyingly be “by starting to live more mindfully”. It’s really as simple as that.

Let’s start exactly where you are now. I mean it, whether you are holding your phone or reading this from your desktop I’m going to show you how easy it is to start.

In the exact moment, you are reading this, become aware of your fingertips. What are they touching? What does it feel like? Is it warm or cool? Soft or firm? It might feel nice to start to move the fingers along the surface of whatever they’re touching. What does that feel like?
See! That was easy right? You did it! You were mindful. You were in the present moment.
That was all you.

What’s great about mindfulness, is that you have been mindful before. Plenty of times! Which means you already know how to. Mindfulness isn’t ‘waving a magic wand’ rather, coming back to the magic inside of you. Your body and mind call you back all the time, mindfulness is the reminder to answer the call, to listen, to spend a little time in that moment.

It’s from this place, the ‘starting where you are’ that you’ll find the most success. Remembering that the best way to shift our mindset is by growing the spaces that already support it. Expand on where you are in this moment, and take it from there!

but wait, there's more

There are endless methods of practicing mindfulness, so rest assured you will find one that works for you. It is truly a moment by moment journey. That’s why we call it a practice.

Alas, I would be negligent if I didn’t mention a huge contributing modality of this practice… are you ready for it?


It’s key to practice your mindful moments with kindness, curiosity, and without judgment. Mindfulness would be unhelpful if it did not utilize non-judgment. We don’t want to go on making the effort to be mindful so we can get all in our heads and label, attach or chatter away the present moment.

Okay, maybe mindful living is not SO easy… but who doesn’t love a challenge? Challenges help us grow and you totally got this! Think of it like this, the less we judge ourselves the better we feel, as we improve our self-image through non-judgment, the better we feel about our decisions, or faults, or our lives. I think that’s well worth the challenge!

come along

This journey will last a lifetime. I’ve been practicing mindfulness daily for the past few years and I still lose myself in stress, worry, guilt, and shame. There are days I find joy in simple pleasures like sipping my cup of coffee in the morning and others where I have to get much more creative. I am not an expert, I am just a person experiencing mindfulness as a daily practice.

Experience it with me, come along for solid mediation and mindfulness tips! Such as; how to live mindfully, learn to cope and navigate stress, build a powerful self-care routine, love yourself more, explore movement in the body, and observe quiet spaces in the mind, and creating space to just BE.

Welcome mindful one! Say “how do you do?” to your mindful self.


stay mindful,
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